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When you Train your Talent, you Retain your Talent.

A high performance organization is a learning organization. We offer a lightweight “learning experience platform” - an LXP - that places a big emphasis on great content without all of the complexity.

  • Corporate knowledge curation.

  • Relevant data and analytics.

  • Focused upskilling.

  • Seamless onboarding.



Our Meeting Mentor Puts High-Performance Meetings on Autopilot

Spending quality time together is important. Get the most out of your meetings with structured agendas, action items and follow-ups.

  • Collaborative meeting agenda creation.

  • Easy tracking of action items with due dates.

  • Simple integration with your favorite calendar application.



Productivity is a Choice. Peachy is the Path.

Effective goal setting is surprisingly hard. Peachy guides each and every employee to achieve success that is aligned with the objectives of your organization.

  • A goal framework for every level of the organization.

  • Milestones and steps to help keep goals actionable and on track.

  • Integration with meetings for quick context and real-time status updates.

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Generative by Design

A system built for high-performing individuals in high-performing organizations.


Just enough tooling to support leadership at all levels of the organization.


Designed for team sizes from two to two-thousand. Ready to scale with your success.


Your organization's information is treated with the utmost security.

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