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We're excited that your organization is ready to give Peachy a try! Take a moment to review our plans and select one that best meets your needs. Don't worry, changing plans is easy and each comes with an initial 30 day free tial.
Peachy is specifically designed for small organizations that don't have a dedicated human resources / people operations department. We actually built the software for ourselves, and then decided that others might like it as well.


We believe that high-performance organizations need a tool to help them with the heavy lifting, not an overly limited goal setting experience. Our process supports individuals and their supporters (team leads, managers or peers) to collaboratively define and refine goals until they have reached a level of crispness to be committed to. Once selected, Peachy helps with defining and tracking milestones and steps through to the goal conclusion.

Peachy also integrates goals and milestones calendars so that individuals can easily stay on track.

Yes! In Peachy we have the concept of a Goal Cycle which is a grouping of goals that align to a specific organizational objective. Goal Cycles are timed (start / end dates) and provide analytics about the overall organizational goal performance.

Ideally goals are defined well enough, and the business is stable enough that this is an infrequent event. However, it is better to re-align or even remove a goal rather than spend time on a dead-end initiative. To support this we have an (intentionally) awkward "reboot" process which puts a goal back into an editable state as well as two other dedicated states for abandoned and incomplete goals.

In the event that a goal is incomplete, individuals are asked to apply lessons learned as to what could be improved for the next cycle. This information is shared on a "Wall of Learning" to help others avoid the same mistakes.


Meetings consume a considerable amount of time for any organization. We believe in maximizing the value by ensuring best practices are followed.

Peachy make great meetings a little less work! It includes a structured and collaborative agenda builder, integrated action item tracking and meeting minutes as well as the ability to document the relationships between meetings.

The relationship information is interesting as it allows organizations to visualize how meetings related to one another and form the basis of analytics around people hour and topic investments.

The Peachy "Meeting Mentor" helps to create great meetings by reminding hosts and participants to create agendas, to give adequate advanced notice for a meeting, to encourage participation and to immediately track action items.

Peachy provides a number of great ways to integrate with your primary calendar. The default method uses the standard ics format which works with any calendaring client (Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird etc..).

If you are a Google user, Peachy also offers native Google integration in which case the meetings are created directly within the Google Calendar, including Meet links, attendees and agenda.